Spreadsheets are, by far, my favorite productivity tool. They have a unique combination of customization, personalization, statistical feedback, and portability that you can’t get with other tools. Do spreadsheets require some level of expertise and knowledge to create? Yes. Do you need to spend time creating productivity spreadsheets yourself? No, because you have me, baby. All of my spreadsheets are now free for a limited time.

Custom Habit Tracker

Create a beautifully customized habit tracking spreadsheet with ZERO spreadsheet experience. The custom habit tracker was inspired by the customization of bullet journals.

You see, if something is personalized to you then you are more likely to be invested in that thing. For habit trackers, that means you’re more likely to follow through and stay consistent with your habits. Now you can create a habit tracking spreadsheet that’s personalized to you WITHOUT spending hours on design.

Long-Term Goal Tracker

Long-term goals (like New Year’s Resolutions) can be overwhelming. It’s often best to break them into bite sized chunks.

The Long-Term Goal Tracker helps you convert your goals into trackable data, and then automatically creates a manageable schedule for you to follow. Update the spreadsheet with your progress and it will automatically adjust its projections (plus its got cool “speedometer success tracker chart” things!)

Project Manager

When you’re working on a project (like making this website, or writing a research paper) things get hectic real quick. So you need a way to organize your project into parts (or components.)

Whether you’re working by yourself or with a group, the Project Manager Spreadsheet organizes your projects with “completion bars” and “check back on” dates. Think of it as a better Trello. No more discombobulation and no more panic — just pure productivity.

Job Application Spreadsheet

Applying for jobs is stressful. You have to keep track of all your applications, interviews, contact information, and so on. This spreadsheet eliminates that stress.

All of your applications are neatly organized in one place. And you can quickly tell which applications require action with the automatic color coordination system. You can mark which stage of the application process each app is in, and set a “check back on” date so you don’t forget about the interview. Good luck!