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Hi I'm Alex!

My belief is simple: productivity is not something you do, it’s something you are.
Productivity is an art; it’s mastery of self.

I don’t claim to be some sort of self-mastery demigod (yet) but I’ve discovered a hell of a lot of cool stuff along my compulsive quest for productivity prowess.

So here you’ll find practical advice and tools, backed by real research, to help you master yourself and become your most, well… Productive You!

I try to keep things flavorful and informative without droning on like your grandmother during a family reunion; most seem to enjoy it. If you have a specific question about your habits, productivity, or just life in general, then let’s have a chat and talk about what’s on your mind.



Personal Development

10 Ways to Prime Your Brain For Success

Scientific research over the last century has discovered that the majority of your brain’s processing power is used at the unconscious level. Like a spherical security camera in a Las Vegas casino, your brain is

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